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Beijing Pie House

by on 16 October 2011

My buddy Aaron loves lamb. Obsessive about it. So when he said he wanted to head out for some lamb in the San Gabriel Valley, I knew to take him to Beijing Pie House in Monterey Park. Their famed dish is a small disc reminiscent of a pupusa, with a nice slightly chewy dough that's been grilled to give just a bit of char on the exterior.

Lamb Pie (interior)

Inside is a juicy lamb patty. The meat is so juicy that one should take caution biting into the lamb pie, for fear of scalding one's self. It's like the lamb burger version of a soup dumpling. Because of its richness, the lamb pies are accompanied by a very plain corn meal porridge, intended to help balance the palate from all the unctuous meat.

Corn meal porridge

Beijing Pie House is also a perfectly fine place for a hot pot, too, in case you were into that sort of thing. Again, lamb is the order of the day, but tofu and beef are on the menu as well. Lots of raw vegetables are provided to help you construct your own hearty broth.

Lamb Hot Pot Meat

Lamb Hot Pot Fixings

Lamb Hot Pot (cooked)

Celery and Peanuts

Pickled Vegetables